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Teach yourself a new skill, soldering!

How to Remove Solder Video

40" Samsung LCD HD TV Repair Tutorial

Abbreviated LCD Repair Tutorial Web Page (if you don't have much time)

Full LCD Repair Tutorial Web Page

Full LCD Repair Tutorial Video

How to Solder a Capacitor Video

How to Remove a Capacitor Video

FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions Web Page


Included With Every Kit!

Makes the job much easier!

test test testTo make your repair easier, we include...

6 inches of Sn60/Pb40 0.032 inch diameter solder,

8 inches of 0.1 inch (2.5 mm) copper de-solder wick,

Isopropyl alcohol cleaning pad and two wooden/cotton swabs,

Click HERE for full instructions on the use of the de-solder wick.

*Additional solder packs available at 1.49 ea.





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Included Capacitors
µF Temp. Type #
3300 105°C Radial 2
1000 105°C Radial 2
1000 105°C Radial 2
470 105°C Radial 1
100 105°C Radial 1
47 105°C Radial 1

Note:  Only the capacitors on the power supply board boxed in red are included in this kit!

The capacitors you are ordering are for the power supply board pictured in this listing.  You are not purchasing a power supply board, only the capacitors for it! 

The area on the power supply board boxed in red are the capacitors included in the kit.

We only use high quality capacitors manufactured by Panasonic, Nichicon and Rubycon in our kits.  We do not use CapXon capacitors.

Check out our brand new in depth installation tutorial, it can be found HERE.  Our abbreviated tutorial can be found HERE.

See how easy it is to repair your Monitor or TV, our installation video can be found HERE.

Please read our FAQ, it answers most questions!  It can be found HERE.

If you are here you have already figured out one of the main causes of LCD Monitor or TV Failure.  By replacing the capacitors on the power supply you will give your Vizio  LCD Monitor or TV a new lease on life! 

Repairing your Monitor or TV is alot easier than you think.  You will be amazed at how easy it really is and how much money you save by doing it yourself.

Why spend hours of your time searching for the right capacitors?  Let us find them, package them, and send them to you!

If you don't see a repair kit for your brand/model of LCD Monitor or TV let us know at  We will gladly put one together and put it in our store within 24 hours! 

If you send in a request for a Monitor or TV that we don't have listed and you include the number of capacitors, their voltage, and their µF, we will put together a repair kit and I will credit your account with 50% off the kit, if you purchase the kit!   We are trying to expand the number of repair kits and you are out best source of information.

You should always verify that the capacitors in this auction match the capacitors in your Monitor or TV!

Always unplug your Monitor or TV before working on it and let it sit for 30 minutes!

FREE! 6 inches of Sn60/Pb40 0.032" diameter solder is included with this auction!

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