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Included With Every Kit!

Makes the job much easier!

test test testTo make your repair easier, we include...

6 inches of Sn60/Pb40 0.032 inch diameter solder,

8 inches of 0.1 inch (2.5 mm) copper de-solder wick,

Isopropyl alcohol cleaning pad and two wooden/cotton swabs,

Click HERE for full instructions on the use of the de-solder wick.

*Additional solder packs available at 1.49 ea.





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This repair kit provides you with the soldering related tools required to repair your LCD/Plasma TV and the capacitors required to repair the power supply circuit board.

REPAIR KIT COMPONENTS (kit and components both available separately)
Soldering Iron, "Great American" Brand, 7" length, 120v 60Hz         
Solder Sucker, Tublular Aluminum, 8" overall length                  
Soldering Iron Stand with sponge, Small Footprint, Bakelite    
Solder, 60/40, 0.8mm diameter, 1.8% Flux, net weight 13 grams(approx X feet)      
Goot De-Soldering Wick Spool, 3mm x 1.5m (approx. 5 feet)        
 Capacitors Included in this Kit  (kit available separately)
This capacitor replacement kit consists of a total of 11 aluminum radial electrolytic capacitors for your LCD TV's power supply board.  You are not purchasing the power supply board, only the capacitors needed to replace those on your TV's power supply board.  Please do not think this kit is the printed circuit board, it is not!

The capacitors used in this kit are Panasonic Series FR, FM and FC capacitors (order of preference), all of these capacitors are the very highest quality capacitors (refer to the attached photo for information as to how to identify the manufacturer and series of the capacitors included in this kit). 

Other online merchants may use inferior quality capacitors, always inquire what brand of capacitor you are getting BEFORE you buy.

Note:  Please verify that the board in your TV exactly matches the board pictured in this listing or you risk ordering the incorrect kit.  We provide a photo of the board the kit was designed for so you can compare them. There's more than one kit for the LG 37LC7D TV.  Please compare your power supply board to the board in this listing to verify that you are purchasing the correct kit.

Note:  This kit does not include the large 450v 150uF capacitor.  Please refer to the FAQ for further information. This capacitor can be ordered separately if needed.  Normally it does not need to be replaced.


The capacitors you are ordering are for the power supply board pictured in this listing.  You are not purchasing a power supply board, only the capacitors needed to replace those on your board!

We only use high quality capacitors manufactured by Panasonic and Nichicon (Panasonic Series FR, FM and FC, please refer to the attached photo for Panasonic and Nichicon capacitor series identification, or click HERE for Panasonic capacitor information or HERE for Nichicon capacitor series information).  We do not use CapXon capacitors or other cheap capacitor replacements.

Check out our "HOW TO" videos and tutorials, HERE.

Please read our FAQ, it answers most questions!  It can be found HERE.

If your LCD TV or monitor has stopped working, or is displaying one of the following symptoms, then its a candidate for some new capacitors;

  • Flickering screen
  • Screen image disappears after several seconds
  • Dim screen
  • Slow start
  • Power LED on, but no picture
  • Unusual colors and/or lines

The primary cause of LCD/Plasma TV and LCD monitor failure is caused by faulty capacitors. You can examine the capacitors in your LCD TV or monitor and actually see if they are bad.

If they appear bulged on top, then they need to be replaced.  Examples of bad capacitors can be found HERE.

New capacitors will potentially solve a host of problems in LCD monitors and TVs.  Why spend hours of your time searching for the right capacitors?  Let us find them, package them, and send them to you!

Always unplug your Monitor or TV before working on it and let it sit for 30 minutes!


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