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Teach yourself a new skill, soldering!

How to Remove Solder Video

40" Samsung LCD HD TV Repair Tutorial

Abbreviated LCD Repair Tutorial Web Page (if you don't have much time)

Full LCD Repair Tutorial Web Page

Full LCD Repair Tutorial Video

How to Solder a Capacitor Video

How to Remove a Capacitor Video

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Included With Every Kit!

Makes the job much easier!

test test testTo make your repair easier, we include...

6 inches of Sn60/Pb40 0.032 inch diameter solder,

8 inches of 0.1 inch (2.5 mm) copper de-solder wick,

Isopropyl alcohol cleaning pad and two wooden/cotton swabs,

Click HERE for full instructions on the use of the de-solder wick.

*Additional solder packs available at 1.49 ea.





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This is an excellent soldering iron for removing and installing capacitors on your power supply board.  It is a light weight unit, easy to handle.

To see a video tutorial on how to remove and install capacitors using this soldering iron, click HERE.

Make your own soldering iron stand!  Click HERE for instructions!

Check out some of our other videos and tutorials for repairing your LCD monitor!

Check out our brand new in depth installation tutorial, it can be found HERE.  Our abbreviated tutorial can be found HERE.

See how easy it is to repair your Monitor or TV, our installation video can be found HERE

 Please read our FAQ, it answers most questions!  It can be found HERE.





  • This soldering iron gets HOT.  Do not touch the metal parts when it is plugged in!
  • This soldering iron should never be left unattended while plugged in!
  • Never place a HOT soldering iron on flamable material.  It will burn.
  • This soldering iron should not be left plugged in over an extened period of time.  Plug it in, remove or solder in your capacitor(s), then unplug it!
  • Keep this soldering iron away from children!



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